There may indeed be a way for hotels to become energy independent! All while eliminating food waste disposal costs and positioning themselves as leaders in the green, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

October 10, 2012

The problems hotels face with their energy bills are widely recognized throughout the industry and in the government as well.

A study conducted in 2003 by Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc. has found the total energy bill for hotels in the US to be $5.2 billion 5% of total industry revenues. And the amounts have only risen since then. After all, not only does the industry have to power over 4.4 million guest rooms with electricity, heating, and air conditioning, many hotels also have restaurants, nightclubs, spas, health clubs, casinos, and multiple other attractions and entertainment venues. And they have to operate around the clock year-round.

The hotel industry is already exploring a possible solution for reducing their costs for power consumption. The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership has found that it will be economically beneficial for large hotels with 1,000 rooms or more (the flagship of the industry) to set up on-site power generation.

A hotel would set up an industrial gas turbine that would generate electricity locally. And any hot gases that the turbine exhausts will power a boiler that will convert the energy into heating and air conditioning.

This lays the groundwork for an elegant synergy with the efforts of Regreen Technologies. From food waste, our Regreen Machine creates products that could be used in biogas production biogas that could fuel gas turbines. It is well known that these large hotels produce massive quantities of food waste. Rather than sending it to a landfill, they could use it to create the fuel that will power their turbines, which in turn will power everything else!

Not only could this solution provide a green and economic power source for the hotel industry, it will also eliminate their food waste disposal bill, take a significant portion of trash out of landfills, and build the hotels' environmentally conscious image. They'll cause a riot as the forerunners of recycling.

Regreen Technologies has been striving to aid industries down the path to sustainability and energy independence. It is clear that the hotel industry is ready for this, and we are eager to help!

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