Regreen Technologies Team

Albert Mardikian - Founder/Chairman/Acting CEO

ReGreen Technologies, Inc.

Albert Mardikian holds numerous patents on leading innovations and designs in the environmental, marine, and automotive industries. He has also received many awards and honors, including the IMTEC Innovation Award.

Mr. Mardikian has dedicated his life to improving industries through inventive technologies. As a distinguished automotive designer and engineer, Mr. Mardikian created coachwork and designs for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, and Honda. He partnered with government and defined safety standards for the Department of Transportation and has manufactured special emission systems on boats and automobiles for the Environmental Protection Agency. He also tested models of exotic cars, boats, and watercraft for compliance with US Safety, DOT, Coast Guard, and EPA standards.

Mr. Mardikian's passion for bettering our world soon steered him toward becoming the successful owner of Green Environmental Waste and Recycling. He gained first-hand experience in every task involved in the waste processing enterprise, at times working manually with the trash himself. He was later approached by the US and Middle-East waste industries to consult on improving the efficiency of the trash-handling process. Through his investigations, Mr. Mardikian witnessed piling and overflowing landfills both in the US and abroad and observed the labor-intensive systems used for dealing with waste. His recent projects are a direct response to the apparent needs of the industry.

Albert Mardikian received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Aircraft Maintenance and Design Engineering in 1971 from Northrop University in Los Angeles, California.


  • Design, Manufacture and test emission system for Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) for automobiles.
  • Design and test safety standard, and manufacture components for various automobiles, boats, and skis to obtain approval from Department of Transportation.
  • Design and coachbuilding convertible tops for Mercedes Benz 500 Coupe.
  • Design and coachbuilding of convertible tops for BMW 3,6, and M Series.
  • Design and building of a prototype Honda Convertible for Honda Company.
  • Design and fabrication of Ferrari 12 cylinder Limousine for Heads of States.
  • Design and coachbuilding of Porsche convertible tops for Porsche.
  • Desing and manufacture Mardikian Daytona Spyder, sport cars which some of them were used in "Miami Vice" Television Series.
  • Manufacture Test Cars for Japan on limited basis.
  • Design and coachbuilding of Competition TR, for a European Factory.
  • Design and Coachbuilding of New Concept Car "Pazzaz" 1992 for Japan.
  • Design and coachbuilding of Roso Diablo which had debuit in Tokyo Car show in 1991. One of the fastest production and Best Design Car in the World.
  • Design and coachbuilding most recent highly styled New Concept "Funeral Car" for Head of States which went into production.
  • Design, Prototype, Manufacture, and Market all Thunder Jet and Sonic Jet Products. F14, F15, F16, FR800, F700, FIII, Cafe Racer, and Ambulance Rescue Skis. In 1992 F15 placed First and Second in the world, from Design Concept to Performance, Quality and Handling.
  • Design, Prototype and Test, "Sonic" New 2 stroke Hi Tech gas engine with Hi Torque, low RPM HI Horsepower, low Emission Engine with matching Hi Tech Hi Pressure Jet Pump.
  • Design and Develop Suspension Seat System, Independent Suspension System, and Brake System for Jet Skis and Boats.

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Robin Bisarya

VP of Business Development

Robin Bisarya has extensive experience working with startups - gaming, big data, technology, hardware and communications.

He has been actively involved in investing, mentoring and working on cross-border partnerships. Currently, he serves as the VP of Business Development of ReGreen Technologies, Inc., and the CFO of Conectric. Both companies are in the field of clean technology. Regreen produces a range of machines for recycling waste, while Conectric provides solutions for boosting hotel energy efficiency. In addition, Robin sits as a director on the boards of ReGreen Technologies, Inc., Conectric Inc, Luminaz Inc, Raj Group of Newspapers & TV, and MBH NRG LLC which designs power infrastructure internationally.

Robin has a proven track record of directing global corporate strategy and operations, finance, big data, infrastructure, medical data management, security, analytics and storage systems, having worked or partnered with a range of global leaders such as Ford Motor, Wipro, Tata Group, Cirrascale Corp., International Coil Ltd. and Perminova.

As Co-President of Keiretsu Forum, Bangalore, he specializes in working with international investors looking to invest in companies doing business in clean-tech, healthcare and technology.

Robin was a founder of EzeeLink ®, a wireless devices middleware company. As Product Manager, he led development of the wireless products and services strategy for Wingcast, a joint venture of Ford Motor Co. and Qualcomm. He also served as e-Business Manager and Controller of Eastern Operations at Ford.

Robin divides his time between San Diego and Bangalore. In San Diego, Robin works with Keiretsu SoCal as Director for International Ventures. While in India, he is Co-President at Keiretsu Forum, Bangalore.

Robin holds an MS in Electrical and Bio-Medical Engineering and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Texas, Austin. He also holds a JD in International Trade and Federal Taxation from Concord Law.

Michael Balliet


Mr. Balliet is a solid waste industry expert who has advised municipal and county governments on compliance and solid waste contractor/facility management since 1991. He has founded two successful environmental consulting firms and has personally developed solid and hazardous waste management infrastructure and related programs for over 75 local governments. He has audited the operations of several hundred trash haulers, material recovery facilities, and landfills as an agent for local governments in California, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. Mr. Balliet has also worked with well over 1,000 businesses and institutions, including Disneyland and the University of California, to develop cost saving waste management programs.

Andrew Nguyen

Director of Operations

Mr. Nguyen has been working in the import/export industry from 2006-2014. Mr. Nguyen has extensive knowledge in arranging ocean freight and logistics, as well as experience in inventory management. He has coordinated and worked with China's Central Veterinarian Dept., as well as USDA, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Mr. Nguyen served as Sales Manager for Division One Products Inc. from 2010-2014, where he helped develop new marketing strategies as well as grow sales for the company.